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Battle Ready Swords

Above we have a few of our fine mates showing off their swords in St Augustine Florida. We are always honored to supply our mates with weapons they love and love to use.

The following pictures and works of our swords are completely hand forged and are battle ready. Please be advised that swords even with a dull edge are capable of inflicting major damage and injury if used improperly. We recommend that if you intend on using your sword for battle that you take a course from a professional swordsmen to protect yourself and others that you engage swordplay with. All of our weapons are made for use but we hold no responsibility for misuse. Many of our Pirate mates love our swords as they are light to carry and fast in battle. This is to include daggers and pistol daggers, these weapons are all made for use and shooting also so please be responsible with any of the weaponry we make.





I bought up the last of the supply of these new, old stock, made in Italy by Palmetto Lafayette pistols in .41 caliber and then did something totally different. We custom made a classic Pirate Skull mold to replace the existing grip on the stock pistol to create this beauty. The grip is made of the same resin base a gun stocks are presently made but with one difference, the product we are using will slightly yellow with age just like ivory will. We guarantee that the supply will not last so act fast if you would like one.


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Belt Dagger

Here we have a fine belt dagger with a 6" blade that measures 10" overall. This hidden tang dagger will serve you well and is sharp so do beware. Fitted with a Curly Maple handle and complete with a black leather sheath.

Item # BD

SOLD 100.00

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The Skull Knife

This knife is a one of a kind. We carved the handle completely of skulls out of a nice piece of antler and its a piece made to be noticed. The blade is 10" 5/8 long, carbon steel hand forged in our workshop as all of our work and measures 15" 7/8 overall. Complete with a wooden sheath cover with hand stitched leather

Item # TSK


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Dragons Kiss

Here is something a bit different and certainly a one of a kind in this fine Kris blade. The blade measures 7" 7/8 and is 12" 3/4 overall. The guard is rough forged out to give it a more aged look. The Birdseye Maple handle really adds to the beauty of this dagger. Finished off with a stingray skin covered scabbard with metal throat and tip only adds to the beauty of this piece. This is a right or left handed carry dagger as the scabbard fits either way as well as comfort of hand

Item # DK

SOLD 295.00

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17th Century Parang Sword

Here we have a fine Parang sword. Swords like these were used as a very valuable tool in the 17th century as the blade was designed to cut threw brush and was great for splitting coconuts. These were also used as a last defense weapon but most commonly carried in hunting parties surching for food. Our example is made of Carbon Steel with a 16" 3/8 that is 1/8 thick to get through the densest of brush and is solid enough to split coconuts as well as sharp enough to do so. It weighs in at 1.46 pounds and complete with belt sheath. Overall the total length is 23" and we fitted it with curly maple scales and brass pins. No finish coats on the handle so you can have a good grip

Item # PS


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The Pirates Needle

Here we have another Pirates Needle and this time with a different guard than the last. These thin blades I make are sharp mates so if ye be wanting a sword to cut your bread this may be it. The blade itself is 20" 5/8 and it has an overall length of 25" 7/8. It comes in at a weight of 9.9 oz itself and in the scabbard it is still under 1 pound. The handle is geunine Deer legbone for those going for a very authentic look

Item # TPN

SOLD 265.00

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Twisted Wire Guard Cutlass

Now here we have one outstanding looking cutlass mounted with a wire twist guard. I would normally use this type of guard on a rapier blade but it just looked to good to not use it on this sword. The grip is buffalo horn and it only adds to the class of this fine piece. The blade is 27"1/2 and it is 34" overall, complete with scabbard

Item #TWGC


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Miss Behaven

Here we have a new offering for ye all to take a gander at in this fine battle ready cutlass. It carries a 21" 3/4 blade with a weight reduction fuller and is 27" 1/4 overall. This sword will serve a new owner well and weighs in at 1 pound 7.7 oz so it will be light at your side. The heart shaped guard is a common mid 18th century pattern made of brass. The handle is double threaded and made of Curly Maple dyed Red and finished with finger holds for a good firm grip. For a cutlass this blade is really elegant looking and will be sure to catch many eyes. Complete with scabbard

Item # MBS


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Barbossa's Son

Here we managed to get one of the Barbossa guards in brass and let me tell you this is one very fine sword! This was a Wilkenson guard in the day and I believe it was made for the French Navy. The blade on this fine sword is battle ready and double threaded at the tang, wrapped with Navy Blue leather and twist wire wrapped. The length of the blade is 21"3/4 and it is 28" overall  and it does complete with a scabbard, all eyes will turn when you walk by with this fine blade

Item # BSS

Sold 495.00

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British Naval Cutlass

Here we have a really fine Naval style cutlass with a 30" blade and is 36" overall. Made as a battle sword that is double threaded at the tang. The grip is black leather wrapped and one we made for a movie production that never went through sadly, their loss is your gain. The guard is a standard rivited brass cup guard that offers a great amount of porotection for your hand and has a British marked crest to enhance its looks and beauty. Complete with black leather scabbard

Item # BBHS

SOLD 450.00

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17th Century Pillow Sword

This type of sword was one of the sword types in the transition from long bladed Rapiers to the shorter and lighter small swords during the first half of the 17th century. This type of styling is referred to today as Pillow Sword. The name comes from the belief that swords such as this were hung by the bed for defense against night attacks. The guard is a double serpent pattern and made of a solid brass casting with a leather and wire wrapped handle. The tang is double threaded, one nut at the top of the handle and the threaded pommel. Heres a good inside view of the grip that will fit any size hand from small to large. The grip itself is 4" but leading onto the lower end of the pommel it can fit up to a 4" 3/4 wide hand. Marked with our forge mark this blade is a very fine blade for battle

Item# CPS

SOLD 395.00

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The Musketeer

 The basket is an all steel construction fitted with a Curly Maple handle, double threaded for strength and finish off with a german silver pommel cap. Get a good look at the blade design as it is a true spearpoint also referred to by many as a Musketeer style blade. This sword is made as a right or left handed model and is perfectly balanced at the hilt. The blade is of a spear point design and is a symmetrically-shaped blade with a point aligned with the centerline of the blade's long axis. True spear-point blades are double-edged with a central spine, like a dagger or spear head. The spear point is one of the stronger blade point designs in terms of penetration stress. 
The length of the blade of this sword is 30" and has an overall length of 38" and weighs in at only 1 pound 14.5 oz

Item # TMS

595.00 SOLD

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The Skull

This new sword design has our mates wanting more so we are now offering these as out to order. Sword typicall comes with a 22" blade with weight reduction fuller and is 29" long overall. The hand cut skull guard is made in a right or left handed model. fitted with a Elk leg bone similar to a human femur bone. A sword to strike some surprise in your enemy with its speed and agility weighing in at close to 2 pounds. Compelte with black or brown scabbard. Call us or email for us to get one started for you with a small deposit.

Item # TSS


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Plug Bayonet Dagger

Here we have something new from the forge and these are our first two we have made on a working model of a plug bayonet. These bayonet daggers have blade lengths of 6" and are 11" overall. Made of carbon steel with a brass guard and walnut handles. They will fit calibers from .62 to .80 caliber and are marked with our forge mark as always. Complete with leather belt sheath

Item # PBD


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Short Sword with Embossed Guard

Right or Left handed

This is one fine Short sword we just finished in our workshop that is sure to please with an embossed guard. The guard is embossed and baroque d to bring out all the detail work. The blade on this fine weapon is 23" and it is 31" overall. Leather wrapped handle with navy blue ribbon and german silver wire wrap. A battle ready weapon complete with a scabbard included.





Filigree Parrying Dagger

Our very finest work in parrying daggers is what you have before you. This sail guard filigree dagger is sure to attract much attention whether worn on your hip or drawn in battle. The carbon steel blade on this fine dagger is 12" 1/4 long and has an overall length of 17"3/4. The handle is carved antler dyed Wine Red and wrapped in German Silver wire and is double threaded. This very fine dagger will be the envy of all your friends

Item # FPD



 Small Sword Rapier 

This fine sword is freshly finished and ready for battle with a carbon spring steel blade of 27" and overall length of 31" 1/4 weighing under 2 pounds. This sword is period correct for the golden age of Piracy forward and is perfect for aboard ship or at the Ball. The handle is leather wrapped and brass wire wrapped. Marked with our forge mark as all of our blades. Complete with wooden scabbard wrapped in leather

Item # SSRB


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 Small Sword Rapier 

This fine sword is freshly finished and ready for battle with a carbon spring steel blade of 27" and overall length of 31" 1/4 weighing under 2 pounds. This sword is period correct for the golden age of Piracy forward and is perfect for aboard ship or at the Ball. The handle is leather wrapped and German Silver wire wrapped. Marked with our forge mark as all of our blades. Complete with wooden scabbard wrapped in leather

Item # SSRR


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Short Sword Spiral Guard Rapier

This fine Rapier is made for battle with a spring carbon steel blade that has great flew when needed to get around you opponents blade. The blade on this fine piece is 38" 3/4 long and has an overall length of 36". The pyramid shaped blade will hold up to the fiercest of battles. The fine twisted spiral guard is a nice touch and has exceptional beauty with the Curly maple handle. This sword has an overall weight of 1 pound 11oz and comes complete with a wooden scabbard wrapped in leather.

Item # SSSGR

SOLD 475.00


 Wilkinson Anchor Naval Sword

Circa 1785- 1830

This fine Naval sword bears an original Wilkinson Anchor in the hilt and is a fine sword for any Naval officer or officer impression. This anchor was prominently used from the late 1700s and well into the 1800s. Fitted with a wire wrapped grip as many of the originals of the periods and brass fittings. The carbon steel blade is 23" 1/4 long and the sword overall is 29" 1/4 long and comes with a black scabbard with brass fittings.

 Item # WANS

SOLD 550.00

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Original German Hunting Sword - Falchion

 Circa 1750

This is an original relic antique hunting sword that came to us. We are now offering it for public sale. Typically swords of this age are missing parts or with broken or lost handles but this one is complete and very solid. Showing signs of battle on the blade and the original file marks of the maker which is unknown. The deer leg shaped guard, forward sweeping shell and pommel are made of iron like many examples of the period were made. The original scabbard is missing but we will supply one with the blade in either black of dark brown leather covering as shown. The blade is 17" in length and the sword is 22" 3/8 overall. You can own this very rare piece of history today



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 Hand Gonne Cannon

Circa 14th Century

The general consensus is that hand cannons originated in Asia and were carried across the oceans to different parts of the world. The earliest reliable evidence of hand cannons in Europe comes from the 14th century. Our Hand Cannon or Hand Gonne is made of solid brass with a barrel that is 6" long and 1" 1/4 wide drilled to .36 caliber. It comes with a 3' 1/2 foot Ash shaft making this hand gonne 4' long overall. This cannon is capable of live fire and extreme caution should be used as with any firearm. Round ball not included. Fuse holder Linstock included with 4' shaft

 Item# HG


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Whydah Pike Head
We copied this pattern from the drawings of one found on the Whydah Gally, Captain Black Sam Bellamy's ship until she sank on April 26th 1717 when the ship ran aground and capsized near Cape Cod. A drawing can be seen in the book Expedition Whydah by Barry Clifford. Our example is made of carbon steel with a head measuring just over 4" and an overall length with langet's 10" of as the original found at the sight of the Whydah
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Previous Work

Dagger Pistol

Circa 1740

This dagger pistol is a fully functional and shooting weapon with an Italian Box Lock .41 caliber rifled barrel attached to the hand forged carbon steel blade we forged right here in our workshop. The pistol dagger shows strong French influence and would be fitting for any Pirate attire. The hilt is all brass and double threaded to the tang of the blade. The blade to the guard is 15" and from the end of the barrel it is 8" 7/8. Overall the dagger pistol measures 20" long and weighs 1 pound 12 oz. This pistol can be shot either right or left handed. A very formidable weapon.

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Custom Carved Skull Grip Rapier

This Rapier is of the highest quality spring steel and is made for battle as all of our swords. The 30" blade has tremendous flex and the sword measures 36" overall. The Skull and flower grip we entirely cut by hand from antler and this is an extremely fine weapon. Made as one of a kind and marked with our forge mark

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Blackbeard's Sword - Cuttoe

Ever since the original sword was found at the sight of The Queen Annes Revenge believed to be Blackbeard's sword we have looked to copy it and here we have what most will see as a very close copy to the original. This fine sword has all the gilded dressings of the original and we spared no detail in the making of this fully battle ready sword. The brass fittings are highly detailed with scroll work and the Fleur de Lis markings of the original showing its French origin. The blade on this fine piece is fullered for strength and is 21" 3/4 long with an overall length of 27" 1/4, a full tanged sword that is threaded under the pommel cap for full battle engagement. The Elk antler grip will fit the largest of hands with plenty of room for large knuckles under the brass chain knuckle bow. Fitting for any Pirate persona but perfect for our Blackbeard fans. This sword comes complete with leather wrapped steel scabbard.

Item # BBSC

SOLD 475.00

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American Hunting Sword - Cuttoe

Circa 1750 This battle ready sword would be a perfect addition to your Pirate or 18th or 19th Century impression, military or civilian. This full tang sword boasts a modest 21"7/8 carbon steel blade and is 27" overall with a fuller running 3/4 of the length of the blade. This blade has excellent flex and will serve you well in stage and show as well as in full battle. Brass fittings and leather grip wrapped with brass wire adorn the grip on this fine replica made right here in our workshop. Marked with our forge mark as all of our weaponry. Complete with scabbard this sword comes to you with unsharpened edge but can be sharpened for an additional fee

Item# AHS-C


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Lions Head Cutlass

This copy we made based on the design of an English Grenadiers sword and would be a fine piece for to be carried and used in battle by any a mate. The Lions Head end to the grip with raised roping gives an excellent grip to this full tanged battle sword. The blade length on this fine piece is 24"1/2 with an overall length of 29" 1/4. Crafted from Carbon Steel this blade with serve you well for stage combat or full out war. The cast brass guard and grip are solid enough to hold up under pressure of battle with a threaded end cap proper for a mid 18th Century persona. Complete with scabbard with brass fittings this sword can be yours for your next event

Item # LHC


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Custom Cutlass

This cutlass was inspired by the artwork of famous Russian Anri of Anne Bonny. This battle ready cutlass is one formidable weapon with a 26" 1/2 full tang carbon steel blade and steel fittings all forged right here in our workshop. The handle is leather covered wood with steel tacks. The sword measures 34" overall and will be the envy of all Pirates complete with steel fittings scabbard.

Item# CC



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Dutch Double Shell Guard Left Handed Cutlass

This Dutch Double Shell Guard Cutlass was made for the seas and is a fully battle ready sword. A popular pattern originally made by the Dutch grew in popularity quickly with other nations. This sword has a excellent balance and is very light and nimble made for the left handed Pirate. With a blade length of 24"and overall length of 30" with plenty of room even for the largest of hands. The double shell guard is forged from 11 gauge steel and has a thumb ring to keep it in total control in your hand. As all of our swords this one is forged and finished from carbon steel, this is a fine battle ready sword that will be the envy of yer mates




 Custom Octopus Bone Handle Dagger

This dagger is certainly one of a kind with an carved Octopus carved out of the antler gripping the handle. The finest detail is shown is this work of functional art. The carbon steel blade is razor sharp and is 14" 3/4 long with an overall length of 19" 3/4. This is a one time offering as we carved this antler by hand in our workshop and hand forged the blade and fittings. Perfect for the discriminating Pirate that likes a truly unique piece, complete with leather bound scabbard.

Octopus Dagger

Item # OD


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 Dussack Sword





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Our New Forged Florentine Cutlass/ Sabre Pistol


A nice combination of Surf and Turf. Pieces like these were made for battle and this piece is completely battle ready. This sword weighs 3 pounds overall with pistol mounted and has a 25" unsharpened Carbon Steel blade and is 31" overall and an Elk handled grip. It boasts a .41 caliber fully firing drilled and tapped pistol to the blade and would complete any Pirate or Buccaneer attire. We are only making these right here in our work shop and it is a Kings Forge exclusive piece, we are making these as per custom order only and are limited to only 25. Order yours now and be one of the very few that will have one of the fully functional weapons. No scabbard included


995.00 Plus S&H

Only Made as Per Custom Order

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George Washington's Battle Sword 

 Our most detailed work. Perfect for any George Washington reenactor or for the collector of fine pieces of our history. George Washington wore his battle sword while serving as commander of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. The original sword was made in Fishkill, New York by John Bailey, a cutler from Sheffield, England. Our reproduction of this elaborate sword has a slightly curved, grooved steel blade as the original, hand forged with Nickel silver mounted cross guard, Silver plated ferrule. All the work on this fine sword we did by hand and it is as close to the original as we could muster. The grip is a green dyed bone, hand carved with nickel silver band. 


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Hunting Sword/Cutlass

The sword will strike fear into the weak hearted with 24" blade and Elk leg bone handle. The Stirrup guard has a simple curl at the end of the knuckle bow. This sword will be the envy of any crew. Measures 30" overall and has a pinned tang with Carbon Steel blade, overall weight of 1 pound 15.8oz ready for battle and complete with leather scabbard.


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Skull Grip Cutlass 

One of our recent works of functional art. This Antler grip was painstakingly hand carved by hand for the fine cutlass and matched to a brass guard and 26" hand forged carbon steel blade and marked with out forge mark, a one of a kind piece

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Newly's Knife

Newly's knife is a 7" clip point, hand forged from carbon steel and marked with our torch mark. The full tang is fitted and pinned to a genuine Elk leg bone. Made only under special order 

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 Captain Simpsons Sword


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Captain Pikes Sword

Lead Role Captain Pike carries this matched pair of mid 18th Century Cutlass in the movie productionThe Sovereign of the Seas: The Four Keys. This matched set of are of hand forged carbon steel, the full sword boasts a double fuller blade with Elk grip and steel fittings in a classic mid 18th Century forward swept shell pattern. The matching short swords blade carries only a single fuller with all matching parts. Made only under special order

Double Maple Leaf Guard Cutlass

This sword we custom made for The Dutchess of Kings Of The Coast . It is a double Maple Leaf guard Cutlass with a 24 1/2 blade and is 30" overall. The grip is Curly Maple with finger grips and hand cut steel pommel. It is a full tang sword made for battle. This sword is very well balanced and we can make one for you to your specifications. 


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CIRCA 1700 -1800

This is our new English Cutlass/Sabre as seen in George C Neumans  "Swords & Blades of the American Revolution. It is forged right here in our shop and has a battle ready Carbon Steel blade that is 26" long stamped with our makers mark and has a blood groove running almost the full length of the blade. The sword had a steel guard with an Elk handle and is 31" 1/4 overall. This blade is perfect for any persona from 1700 forward. No scabbard included


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